Eco-Friendly Fusion Surfboards & Bodyboards

Eco-Friendly Fusion Surfboards & Bodyboards



Our 48" FUSION SURFBOARD is a crossover between a surfboard and a bodyboard, floating up to 220 lbs. We have great options for our Fusion surfboards and bodyboards. The 42" RECON is a classic bodyboard built for speed and longevity. Our most mobile board is the "SPADE" hand plane, which is used to enhance body surfing. The SPADE easily fits in a backpack and is outfitted with an HDPE slick bottom for extra hold and strength. Our Fusion 54 twin-fin is the first 54" closed-cell foam, blackball beater style surfboard. The boards are backed by our Lifetime FUSION Warranty against delamination, water-logging and bubbles. Fair pricing for quality products is the foundation ZEFR Boards is built on.


hybrid surfboard bodyboard

Due to its solid one piece construction the ZEFR board is almost impossible to destroy.

One piece construction

Compression molded one piece foam construction means no heat bubbles or delamination....ever!

Unique Coloration

Thanks to our unique 18-step PE foam recipe every single ZEFR board will look unlike the next.

Friendly Wide Deck

Thanks to their wide decks the 48" FUSION BOARD and the 54" FUSION provide a stable ride, whether prone or standing.

Tentacle Grip Traction

With our tentacle grip traction molded right onto ZEFR Board's deck you reduce the need for trac-pads and wax.

 Waterlog Proof

If you do manage to ding or gouge your ZEFR board, fear not, they will never absorb water.


We take pride in our foam and feel there are many instances where our foam can be used to make good products better for the planet. Making a more-sustainable, eco-friendly surfboard, bodyboard and hand plane is a good start but we think more can be done.

In the Garden State?

If you live in New Jersey or are just visiting our beaches stop in Gordon's Surf Shop on Bay Ave in Point Pleasant Beach, Beach House Classic Board Shop in Bay Head or TAK Waterman in Long Branch... and demo a ZEFR Fusion Board today!